Welcome to Heartland Yoga Fest 2019! Look for our volunteers (they’ll have friendly faces and yellow vests) if you need anything or have questions during the event!
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Angela Lexow

The Yoga Room/Lexow Studios
Topeka, KS
I have been active my whole life, but primarily playing soccer. After the birth of my first son, I also became an aerobics and step instructor. Shortly after, I began having major problems with my back, which I mostly ignored. The day I found out I was pregnant with my second son, I also found out I had a bulging and herniated disc in my lower back. At 4 ½ months pregnant, I had successful back surgery. The surgeon told me to stop all “high-impact” activities. However, I continued to do many things he advised against, including running, playing soccer with the teams I coach, and even completing a Tinman.

I finally realized I have been too hard on my body and if I do not want more back surgery, I had to make some changes. I fell in love with yoga because it is a challenge but one that is kinder on my body and is helping my back issues at the same time. The mind-body component is helping me accept the limitations I have but find there are many ways to challenge myself to be stronger. I completed my yoga teacher training in 2015 and I continue to take workshops and trainings to learn more that I can share with students, including Myofasical Release and Reiki. I am currently a Level 1 Reiki practioner and will complete level 2 in 2019. I would be happy to schedule a private session to work on individual issues, through yoga, myofascial release or Reiki. I hope I can encourage others to find a challenging and rewarding yoga experience too.