Welcome to Heartland Yoga Fest 2019! Look for our volunteers (they’ll have friendly faces and yellow vests) if you need anything or have questions during the event!
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In 1997, I began searching for a physical practice that would bring me back to myself. As a dancer in college, and a fitness enthusiast throughout my twenties, I had sustained multiple injuries to my ankles and shoulder. Informed by my doctor that I needed to cut back on my physical activities or risk severe repercussions, I stopped doing the things that I loved. After giving birth to my son in 1996, I was needing a way to FEEL my connection to my body again, to feel movement and joy in myself again. My doctor suggested yoga.
Yoga became a way for me to reconnect with my body, my emotions, and my spirit in a way that made me feel alive and whole again. After developing a strong Power Yoga and Ashtanga practice for 7 years, I explored the more flowing Vinyasa lineage of yoga and found my yogic home. The fluid, graceful, creative practice was a balm to my soul, and allowed me to once again feel the freedom I had experienced in my body as a dancer. I was particularly drawn to Prana Vinyasa Flow, a beautiful branch of vinyasa created by Shiva Rea, that incorporated the flow of pranic energy through the body with breath and movement. In 2012, I began to study with Shiva Rea in Venice, CA.
By this time, I had been teaching basic vinyasa since 2005 at several local establishments in Kansas City. In 2009, 3 business partners and I founded Zona Yoga at Zona Rosa, and I embarked on the journey of becoming a yoga studio owner in the Kansas City  Northland. The studio evolved and grew, and in time, the partners went their separate ways, establishing new studios and spreading yoga throughout the area.
I was now engaged to my loving partner, Mike Shipley. Mike found the physical space for a new studio, a beautiful new space that would allow us to expand in the growing Liberty area where he has an established law practice. An avid marathon runner and 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, Mike grew to appreciate the benefits of yoga and how it enhanced his other physical practices. Through our combined love and support, our studio, Zona Yoga Liberty, was born in October 2014.
The studio celebrated its first anniversary in October 2015. To streamline and more closely align our name with our student body, we chose to rechristen our studio "YOGA LIBERTY". This name speaks more to the area that we serve and makes it clear that we proudly bring our yoga to the Liberty Northland area. We are delighted that you, too, have found our beautiful studio, and hope that the journey that brought you here brings you the peace, prosperity and connection that you are searching for.
Blessings to each of you on your path- Namaste!
Susan Harp-Shipley and Mike Shipley, Owners