Welcome to Heartland Yoga Fest 2019! Look for our volunteers (they’ll have friendly faces and yellow vests) if you need anything or have questions during the event!
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Kate Barker

“Hi! My name is Olive. I’m one of the original rescues living at Zen Donkey Farms, and I’m here to tell you about our raw, organic, cold pressed juices! Not only are ZDF juices delicious, fresh, and made with responsibly and locally sourced produce, they have a purpose. When you buy ZDF juices, you directly support donkeys like me who are in training to provide therapy to humans like you. 
Did you know that donkeys are highly intelligent and have many healing qualities? We are affectionate companions that can provide emotional support when our humans get stressed out. We can help adults and children with mental and emotional challenges find happiness and comfort, and we’re here to spread the word!  

More information about donkey-assisted therapy and the ZDF Donkey Experience coming soon!
Thank you for supporting our herd, one juice at a time."