Welcome to Heartland Yoga Fest 2019! Look for our volunteers (they’ll have friendly faces and yellow vests) if you need anything or have questions during the event!
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Leslie Ann

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Thai Massage + Wellness
My passion is Thai Massage after living in Thailand for nearly two years in 2005-06, experiencing the therapeutic magic of Thai massage for myself, and seeing how the present day culture there incorporates the ancient traditional knowledge and continues to use the old sciences alongside Western medicine. I used to think massage was about luxury, but now I know it's about a holistic approach to the body, relief from pain even in longtime or chronic issues, improved body function in everything from digestion to circulation, and feeling ready to thrive and shine in day to day life. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher, so consider me next time you or a loved one is looking to resolve pain issues or needs good old-fashioned relaxation and stress relief. I teach regular classes at Maya Yoga in the Crossroads, so come check out my classes, book a Thai Massage, and check out the other knowlegable teachers there.