Welcome to Heartland Yoga Fest 2019! Look for our volunteers (they’ll have friendly faces and yellow vests) if you need anything or have questions during the event!
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Lisa Lola

Lisa Lola Healing Arts
Lisa Lola Healing Arts provides energetic balancing and supportive services to assist individuals along their own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey’s. It’s purpose is to help people heal themselves so they are free to power-fully choose and live the life they desire. Lisa is an Energy Healer, focusing in the modalities of Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Channeling, Past Life Regression, and Access Bars. She is a yoga enthusiast and Guided Meditation Instructor. Lisa co-lead's an international Women's Yoga and Healing retreat in Guatemala, as well as teaches classes locally in KCMO on "all-things-energy-healing." Lisa loves being outdoors, hiking and walking her two toy poodles, Rico and Rodeo. She is passionate about living a soul-full, heart-centered life that is good to the planet, healing to the self, and harmonious for all.