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Artisan Kombucha

Along the journey of health and nutrition, Ben discovered kombucha in 2011. Due to his knack for experimenting with foods (with sometimes questionable results :p) kombucha was a whole new world of discoveries and flavor combos for the next few years. Fast forward to 2015 when he was working on a permaculture farm in Virginia where the owners also brewed kombucha. He was sent home with a cute baby scoby that grew to be an adult with many prolific offspring. During his time of experimental brewing Ben noticed kombucha breweries starting to pop up all over the country selling to cafes, restaurants and stores. Having a passion for health, he thought this was a great movement toward health and healing.

When there wasn’t an option to find locally brewed kombucha with fresh local produce and traditional flavors he saw an opportunity and wanted to fill that gap for the Kansas City community. In 2016 he started brewing bigger batches and sampling it to friends and family and from there it spread by word of mouth. In 2017 Artisan Kombucha was born and became official with the first stores and cafes.

Artisan Kombucha is committed to brewing unfiltered, raw and live kombucha. Everything is juiced or soaked from whole fruits, veggies, herbs and spices and never flavored with juices from concentrate or chemical additives. As a result, there are many more vitamins, trace nutrients, probiotics and enzymes. Not to mention the whole and rich taste from real ingredients! Every batch is brewed with excellence and with your health in mind, and we’re excited to share it with you! We hope you love Artisan Kombucha and are excited for your feedback!