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Jenny Hahn

Jenny Hahn Studio
"Painting is my connection to the mystery. I create vibrant heartfelt expressions in acrylic that capture the inward journey and celebrate themes of nature, color, spiritual awakening and the Divine Feminine. I believe we are all creative beings worthy of expression ~ It is my joy to share my work with you and offer encouragement as you embark on your own creative journey."

Local artist and workshop facilitator Jenny Hahn captures the inward journey through bold expression and a vibrant palette. She received a BFA in illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute and exhibits her work nationally, working out of a studio in the Bauer Machine Works building in the KC Crossroads arts district. Her vibrant paintings are featured on book covers, CDs, magazine covers, and posters.
Jenny is the co-founder of Creative Nectar Studio—a safe haven for creative self-discovery—and facilitates process painting workshops across the country helping people rediscover their wholeness using painting as a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery. She is also one of the founding and contributing artists of the Unity Arts Ministry, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creative expression as a path for spiritual living. 
Jenny's regular practices of Vipassana (insight meditation) and yoga inform her creative process and life. Her goal as an artist is to uplift and inspire with images that feed the heart and soul.